Montag, 8. Oktober 2012

U.S. and............Aye !!!

Hi M. and E.
Here we go. 6. October 2012, Brügglifeld, Aarau.
The leader FC Aarau, plays at home against the follower FC Wil.

(English only version)
The season is still young. Aarau had never lost at a home game.

  It is a late summer evening and we are still able to drink plenty of Feldschlösschens 
This is football

Who won ? Whooooo? See the guy with the U.S. jersey!!
End score was 4:2. Aarau won
  Sweeeet Caroline. Oh-oh-oooooooh...........................
More oh-oh-oooooh's
 Little J. is our youngest crew member

This ranking is just a dream.
Aarau 27 points.
 And then, a long time is nothing.


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